Jouyo Manju Making

3,900 yenper 1person
Make 5 Manju  + 1 cup of Matcha
*It takes about 2h.  
*Maximum capacity is 4 persons.
*It's carried out in Japanese or English.
*suitable for ages 15 and up
To Residents in Japan
If you are not a member of Airbnb, please contact Yu-Art Kichijoji →

The activity's outline

You watch the instruction video.
The instructor introduces ingredients. You make a dough from grated yamaimo (Yam potato), rice flour and sugar.
You wrap a bean jam ball with the dough.
You decorate Manju.


The Manju which you made are steamed.
You move to a tea room in the same residence. And you have your Manju with a cup of Matcha.