Yu-Art Kichijoji

Yu-Art Kichijoji is a private Wagashi (Japanese sweets) salon which started in 2016. This Salon focuses on artistic work rather than cooking and offers you combined classes of "Wagashi Making" and "the Tea Ceremony". Through this experience, you would find something unique from Japanese culture.

Yuriko Oshima, a Host of "Yu-Art Kichijoji" 

I'm a founder of the Wagashi salon, Yu-Art Kichijoji. I graduated from Musashino Art University, I’d been working for Seiko Epson Corporation and Seiko Watch Corporation as an industrial designer. Throughout my life, I’ve focused on traditional Japanese art and culture. I've enjoyed collecting Ukiyo-e (Japanese antique arts) and studying traditional tea style. As tea has always been my passion, I started a career in Chado—the Way of Tea—, and Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) for tea gatherings.
In 2016, I left Seiko Epson Corporation and started a small salon; Yu-Art Kichijoji of Wagashi making and tea gatherings (the tea ceremony)

"Chado-the way of tea- " Career

Chamei (professtional tea name):"宗由 So Yu",  2nd-degree Instructor
  Qualifications of Ura-Senke style tea ceremonies

"Wagashi-traditional Japanese sweets-" Career

I learned homemade type Wagashi for a year in a cooking school and I learned formal Wagashi of tea gatherings by professional pastry chefs for a year and half.
On the other hand, I design Wagashi and processes of making them with daily utensils for my salon.