Wagashi CLASS

Colorful Wagashi (Nerikiri, Konashi) Making

3,500~4,000yen per 1person
Make 2 pieces of Wagashi  + 1 cup of Matcha
*It takes about 2h.  
*Maximum capacity is 4 persons.
*It's carried out in Japanese or English.

The activity's outline

(a case of Sakura:Cherry blossom)
You watch the instruction video.
The instructor introduces ingredients which are prepared.
You knead the dough and divide it into each parts and colorize them.
You make the form with everyday utensils like a spoon & a knife and hands only.
When you make the second one, you can change its color if you like!
You move to a tea room in the same residence. And you have your Wagashi with a cup of Matcha.